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SATTUZ (Monthly pack) Combo Pack (Set of 30)

1 Sattuz Carton (Monthly pack) containing 30 Sattuz Travel Pack.

MORE DETAILS:  “Sattuz” is ready to mix and drink flavored sattu which gives various health benefits such as INSTANT ENERGY, BODY COOLER & GOOD DIGESTION.
This 1 carton of sattuz contains 30 Sattuz Travel Packs of Rs.40 each.
Each Travel Pack of Sattuz contains:
Net Quantity :- 2 sachets (1 sweet flavour sachet & 1 salty jaljeera flavour sachet)+ 2 Sattuz cups + Stirrer.
So, Inside 1 Sattuz carton totally you get 60 Sattuz sachets along with 60 Sattuz cups and stirrers.
We take care to use best quality ingredients and standards while packaging so that you get the best taste everytime.

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • healthy
  • tasty
  • instant energy
Return Policy : All food products are non-returnable.


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In The Box
  • 1 carton contains such 30 travel packs ( each 1 travel pack contains 2 pouches + 2 cups + stirrer )
  • Sattuz
Model Name
  • 1 carton containing such 30 Travel Pack boxes
  • 20 g
Maximum Shelf Life
  • 3 Months
  • Snack Mix
Added Preservatives
  • No
Container Type
  • Pouch
Food Preference
  • Vegetarian
Used For
  • NA
Food Type
  • Dry
  • Yes
Dietary Preference
  • No Trans Fat
Cooking Instructions
  • Empty one complete sachet of sattu in sattuz-cup and just add water. Stir well. Once opened and mixed consume immediately.
Storage Instructions
  • Indian
  • 100% vegetarian NUTRITIONAL FACTS ABOUT SATTUZ SWEET FLAVOUR:- Sachet Size (20g) Protein(g) g/100 gm 14.89 Energy (kcal) Kcal/100gm 408.60 Total Fat(g) g/100gm 4.26 Total Carbohydrate(g) g/100gm 77.68 Sugar(g) g/100gm 48.47 Saturated Fat(g) g/100gm 0.56 Mono Unsaturated Fat(g) g/100gm 1.05 Poly Unsaturated Fat(g) g/100gm 2.65 Trans Fat(g) g/100gm 0 NUTRITIONAL FACTS ABOUT SATTUZ SALTY JALJEERA FLAVOUR:- Sachet Size (20g) Protein(g) g/100 gm 24.65 Energy (as Calories) (g) Kcal/100gm 351.54 Total Fat(g) g/100gm 5.58 Total Carbohydrate(g) g/100gm 50.67 Sugar(g) g/100gm 4.79 Saturated Fat(g) g/100gm 0.68 Mono Unsaturated Fat(g) g/100gm 1.54 Poly Unsaturated Fat(g) g/100gm 3.36 Trans Fat(g) g/100gm 0
Nutrient Content
Important Note
  • Product information provided by the seller on the Website is not exhaustive, please read the label on the physical product carefully for complete information provided by the manufacturer. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer.


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