About us

Gone are those days when you have to be at your home to feel like home. Today you have mobile phones to stay connected to your friends and families, social media to check out their regular activities, regional news on internet to see what’s happening around and now you have Beatskart which keeps you connect to your Identity. You can find almost all sort of identity products which keeps your culture, tradition and local feel intact.
We say it I-Commerce(Identity Commerce).
Beatskart have a huge selection of Products in different categories like, Merchandise, Clothing, Sweets, Food and Handicrafts. Whether you are shopping for festive seasons, gift purposes, regular consumption or seasonal products, you will find everything on our website.
Beatskart conducts regular quality check at various levels to ensure that you get products of the best quality and a smooth shopping experience.

Selling on Beatskart :

With the mission of “Ab Local Banega Global” Beatskart is enabling local producers, labors, and artists to expose global market and boost their economy being at their place.

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